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Having been a police officer for more than thirty one years, I have seen the destruction caused by distracted driving. I have seen the anguished looks on parent’s faces as they rush to the scene of a crash involving their sons or daughters. We can educate drivers of the dangers, we can cite the violators and we can have young drivers sign pledges not to text and drive. It’s not working. The statistics speak for themselves.

The most common explanation I would get from drivers stopped for talking or texting on a cell phone is, “I just picked it up to see who was calling,” or “I wasn’t texting, I was just seeing who was texting me.” The facts are either way it is a violation and either way it is a visual and manual distraction that increases the risk of a crash.

I started to think that if the ringtone or text alert didn’t sound, drivers may be less likely to pick up the phone at all. And if the person calling or texting knew that the person on the receiving end was driving, they wouldn’t continually call back. And so the concept of live2txt was born. A great idea for any driver but would our younger drivers use it. So we added an optional alert that would automatically be sent to a designated parent’s phone each time the prevent texting and driving mobile app is activated and de-activated. A simple way to monitor compliance.

I brought the idea to Tom and Joe at Green Lion Digital and they made it happen. A simple to use prevent texting and driving mobile app that we believe, when used properly, will reduce your risk of causing a crash. To encourage the use of seat belts, a clicking sound is heard when the prevent texting and driving mobile app is activated. Our motto is Click It and Click It. Click on the prevent texting and driving mobile app, click on the seatbelt and drive safely.

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